Duck Theory: An Essay on Job Boards

So, this probably isn’t the most “professional” article on a Monday afternoon, but I want to talk with everyone about job boards and a little concept I call “Duck Theory”.

I was walking down by the river here in Greenville and I noticed a woman handing out pieces of bread to the ducks.

At first, there were only a couple of ducks, so she was making sure that everyone was getting a piece of bread.

Then, swarms of ducks began coming in, with dozens and dozens surrounding her all getting pretty aggressive for bread.

It reminded me a lot of job boards, where an employer will post an advertisement, and hundreds of candidates will come running with their application.

The first get some attention, then the volume makes it easy for candidates to get lost in the mosh pit.

So if you’re a duck. . .

(bare with me, here)

Would you rather go to the river to get some bread, where you’re going to be competing with other ducks. . .

Or would you rather just go straight to the bakery?

I can hear the groans as I type this, but you know its true!

It’s sooo much smarter to just go directly to the company and interact with hiring managers and organizational leaders than to get caught up fighting for attention.

When you’re on the job boards, you’ve got an early mover advantage.

When you’re going direct, you had a messaging advantage.

You’re building relationships that are going to last for an entire career!